Dr. Shari Geller is presenting:

Masterclass Therapeutic Presence, a Mindful Approach to Effective Therapy

A two-day Masterclass

Therapeutic presence (TP) is the foundation for positive therapeutic relationships and effective therapy.  Twenty years of research on the art and science of TP has led to a model that provides the groundwork for accessing presence in the moment. TP involves therapists bringing their whole self in the encounter with another by being completely in the moment on multiple levels - physically, emotionally, cognitively, relationally, and spiritually. It is trans-theoretical, as being present optimizes the impact of therapeutic interventions across different therapy approaches.

This two-day workshop will also include a deeper dive into the skills of attuning in the moment to the nuances of clients’ experience, through various sensory modalities, to enhance effective therapy.  Video tapes and role plays will be incorporated.  We will also discuss challenges to TP and how to stay open and engaged when working with challenging clients. There will be a number of take home practice for cultivating presence for your clients, your students, trainees, and for yourself.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • An empirically validated model of therapeutic presence
  • The neurophysiological benefits of therapeutic presence
  • How therapeutic presence promotes effective therapy
  • How to strengthen your presence in and out of session
  • Practices and skills for attuning in the moment with clients
  • Take home practices for clients, students, trainees and for yourself 


Deze masterclass heeft plaatsgevonden op 20 en 21 april 2018. Wij proberen deze mastserclass regelmatig op de cursusagenda te plaatsen (afhankelijk van beschikbaarheid en wens/behoefte).

Datum verwacht: nog onbekend.

Heeft u interesse of vragen over deze masterclass, neemt u dan gerust contact met ons op via info@verwijder-dit.apanta-academy.nl