Apanta is dedicated to providing excellent quality care in an effective manner. We strive for clear information and good communication with our clients. In the unlikely event that a situation has arisen that does not meet your expectations, we would value hearing from you as soon as possible; because we would like to work out a suitable solution with you. In the first instance, it is best to contact the practitioner in question, as soon as you experience dissatisfaction. Perhaps there was a misunderstanding, conflicting expectations or insufficient communication and the dissatisfaction can (already partly) be resolved, with a conversation.

Filing a complaint

If we cannot resolve the matter with dialogue, and your dissatisfaction remains, you may of course submit a complaint to our complaints officer. The complaints officer will attempt to resolve your complaint together with you and the care provider(s) and, if possible, find an immediate resolution.

Our complaints officer is Ms. M. Hogenkamp. You can email our complaints officer via or reach us via phone number 040-2545759.

Disputes Committee

Although we naturally prefer that you first discuss your complaint with us, so that we can respond quickly, you can also contact the Disputes Committee. You can also contact them if the mediation via Apanta's complaints officer does not have the desired result.

Complaints could be about

  • The implementation of the care you have received
  • The way we treat you
  • Incorrect diagnosis and incomplete treatment plan
  • No or insufficient aftercare
  • Incorrect or incomplete information received from us
  • The expense of non-deductible care costs, that you did not expect