Your treatment

Apanta stands for attentive and kind personal care. With us, you are in trustworthy hands. We provide personal care within a safe environment. Care that suits you and that fits your personal situation. In our view, care begins with an individual encounter. We see you as a unique person and look further than just your presenting symptoms. We believe it is important to look at who you are and to explore how you ended up in this current predicament. We are optimistic and trust in your own capabilities. We will assist you in becoming more empowered and to function better in multiple areas, so that you will need less help or no help in the future.

About Apanta

Apanta is a recognised mental health care provider in Veldhoven and in Eindhoven. We offer, based upon a person-centered approach, individually tailored care for people with various psychological complaints. For children, young people, adults, and the elderly: we are committed to providing care of exceptional quality. We work closely with other healthcare providers and general practitioners in the region. Apanta offers both short and longer trajectories, depending on your needs.

Initial Assessment Invitation

After your waiting time has elapsed, you will receive a letter of invitation, with plenty of notice for your intake interview. These intake interviews are set at fixed times, usually in the morning. You can schedule all further treatment appointments flexibly with your own allotted practitioner. Occasionally, intakes are canceled, last minute, by others, so that a place suddenly becomes available. You may be called and asked if you are willing and able to come at short notice. It is therefore possible that in this instance, your turn for an intake arrives, before you receive a formal written invitation from us.

Beginning of the treatment

At the start of your treatment - during your intake, which may consist of one or more appointments - we assess what exactly is happening and which goals you personally want to work on. With this approach, we can begin to decide together which help suits you best. We also look at the relationship between your symptoms and your personal circumstances. Sometimes additional psycho-diagnostical tests may be needed to determine the diagnosis.

When we have the complete picture, we will discuss with you what form of help you may receive, how long the treatment is likely to last and what the help consists of. Where possible, options are presented to you so that you can have a say and maintain control over your own treatment: after all, you are the expert on what suits you best. We call this method 'Deciding Together'; you will hear this term more often during our conversations together. This approach also helps to clarify which goal you want to work towards. We record all this information in a treatment plan. Your therapist will draw up this plan together with you. After all, it is vitally important that you agree with this. It is only in agreement, that we can work well together!

Evaluation via Questionnaires

In order to offer you the best possible treatment, we will assess the treatment progress and will ask you to complete a questionnaire at the beginning of your treatment. You will then receive this same questionnaire several times during your treatment. This allows us to objectively assess whether the treatment is on the right track.

Your practitioner will discuss the answers with you. You will receive the final questionnaire upon completion of the treatment. In this way we come to know what the effects of the treatment are and whether it has benefited you.