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Practitioners Apanta International

Emily Smans

Function: Psychologist


Kim Dillon

Function: Psychologist General Team 24+ in Veldhoven

Role: Psychologist. Treating people with global and specialist issues.

Affinity: I have many years of experience in mental health care, both at home and abroad, with different target groups and age categories. From 2005, I lived, worked, and studied in the USA. My husband is American, and our two daughters are bilingual. I remain interested and curious about and have affinity with all kinds of different backgrounds and cultures.


Klára Kasiková

Function: Psychiatrist. BIG: 19063779601

Role: Psychiatrist. I see clients if pharmacotherapy is needed or in a case of crisis. I may also provide consultations if diagnostic dilemmas arise. Emotion focused therapy (EFT) is my favorite way of giving therapy within the field of psychotherapy.

Affinity: My roots are in the Czech Republic, were I studied medicine. I have lived for more than 15 years in The Netherlands and have good life here. Despite this, I still miss my homeland and feel a bit alienated.  I therefore feel connection to other foreigners living in The Netherlands and think I can understand some of the issues they are going through. I am also openminded and curious about other cultures. 


Nathalie Sergent

Function: Psychologist

Role: Psychologist for adults requiring Specialist Treatment

Affinity: As a trilingual psychologist with a multicultural background and career, I worked regularly with expats. Short stays abroad meant experiencing the ex-pat life so I can imagine what this requires. I am very enthusiastic about Apanta International and supporting the expat community with their mental health. As a psychologist and client-oriented therapist I have extensive experience with various psychological problems and treatment methods.


Support team Apanta International

Hanneke Groenen

Function: Director & GZ-Psychologist, BIG 39916876525

Role: Director Quality & Innovation

Affinity: My background is as a child psychologist, now working within Apanta’s management team. My goal for Apanta International is to provide accessible, excellent mental health care for non-native speakers.


Lesley van den Eijnden

Function: Hostess and Facilities. AGB Code: 90110013

Role: Hostess and Customer Service Front of House:

Affinity: Native English-speaking expat with a passion to see people integrate and connect with themselves and others. In private practice as Relational (Trauma) Therapist.


Marieke Seesing

Function: Manager Zorg

Role: Manager

Affinity: I have a warm heart for the expat community in Eindhoven and commit myself to good, inclusive, quality care, for everyone.


Simone Looijmans

Function: Secretary

Role: Planning in of the first appointment

Affinity: Confident in speaking English with clients and assisting with questions around insurance reimbursement