Indications of waiting times

We cannot give you an indication of the waiting times at this moment.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are currently unable to provide specialised mental health services for our international clients.
We do however currently provide online general mental health care (in Dutch that is “generalistische basis GGZ), for nonnative Dutch speakers which can be described as short-term treatment for clients with mild to moderate mental health issues. The expected wait time for these clients has also increased due to the deceased capacity and availability of English-speaking practitioners.

Care Mediation

If the waiting time is too long for you (and you are older than 18), we advise you to contact the 'waiting time mediation' department of your own health insurer.

In case of crisis

Your GP remains your point of contact until you have had your first appointment with us. If your situation deteriorates in the meantime and you urgently need help, you can go to your GP or the GP out of hours post. In addition, there are several national initiatives that can help you anonymously, day and night:

• If you are worried about something and need to talk, you may call the “chat line” day or night on 088 0767 000. They can also be reached via chat and email: (Dutch website). De Luisterlijn conducts conversations in Dutch. If a volunteer wants to and can, the conversation may be conducted in another language, but that is up to the volunteer. More information about helplines abroad can be found on IFOTES.

• Do you have suicidal thoughts? You can call or chat anonymously 24 hours a day with the suicide prevention line: 0900-0113 or (Dutch website).