Treatment criterion

Our desire is that all people who want to receive care, end up in the best place where they will be best helped and where their unique request for help is carefully considered. That is why we have carefully screened your application and are convinced that we can help you accordingly.

If your situation changes during the waiting period, please contact or discuss it with your GP first.

If, for example, your situation has deteriorated to such an extent and you need more urgent help, it may be that another healthcare institution is better suited to your current healthcare needs. Our policy is to be as honest and clear as possible right away: we want you to receive the care you truly need.

Apanta has drawn up several criteria to determine which clients we cannot sufficiently help. There are other institutions in the region that do specialise in these areas. 

Under which circumstances are we not able to accept you for treatment?

Our English speaking provision for care is currently being developed. At the moment, we are unable to meet every need with English speaking practitioners. Please remain free to contact us and we can examine matching your need to our provision.

Our general contraindications are: 

  • If you are actively contemplating suicide. We advise you to then report immediately to your own G.P. for appropriate urgent care! You can also call the crisis line 24 hours a day: 0900-0113
  • If you have an IQ below 80
  • If you are currently suffering from psychosis, or have chronic psychotic symptoms
  • If you suffer from a serious addiction that first needs treatment
  • Our treatment is not adequate for you: crisis treatment, part- or full-time admission is what you need
  • If you are currently under criminal proceedings
  • If you are related to an Apanta employee

If you recognise yourself under of these treatment criteria please consult with your G.P.

Additional exclusion criteria for Eating Disorders:
For our Eating Disorders department, in addition to the exclusion criteria that have been set Apanta-wide, we have a number of extra exclusion criteria:

  • BMI lower than 17 or higher than 50. We can only make an exception in consultation with the referrer. This partly then depends on a combination of physical and psychosocial factors.
  • When you fulfil the criteria (by a referrer or by another institution) for inpatient treatment or day treatment, referral to Apanta is not then appropriate.
  • Youth under 18 years.