Costs & Fees

The treatments at Apanta are in most cases reimbursed by your health insurer.

Private (company) insurance

If you are covered by your employer’s private company insurance, please contact us at under the heading ‘Apanta International’. We are happy to look at reimbursement criteria with you.

NB: there is an option to pay by debit/credit card at our locations and/or we can provide an invoice or receipt.

Regular Fee

Apanta is a recognised institution for specialised mental health care (GGZ) and has contracts with all health insurers. This means that treatments that fall within basic mental health care (Apanta-direct) or specialized mental health care (Apanta-ggz) are reimbursed. If you want to know exactly which reimbursements you are entitled to, it is best to take up contact your own health insurer.

Please note: the basic insurance only reimburses the care if you have a referral letter from your general practitioner.

Compulsory and Voluntarily Excess

The treatment you receive at Apanta counts towards the compulsory premium of your health insurance. The amount depends on your own insurance, with a legal minimum of €385*. This amount is charged by your insurer, once, in each year that you need care; against all healthcare costs that you incur, and you must therefore pay this annual compulsory excess yourself. All costs above this amount will be reimbursed by your insurer. Your application will be screened by us, but if it turns out after the first intake interview that you would be better off receiving treatment elsewhere, the deductible excess applies to this interview and the administrative processing.

* If you have opted for a higher voluntary excess with your health insurer, this amount will therefore higher.

Invoicing after First Intake Interview?

If after the first intake interview it appears that it is better for you to receive treatment elsewhere, the compulsory excess applies to this interview. In that case, you will receive an invoice from us for the intake interview and the administrative processing. This amount may be higher than you would expect for just an intake interview. This has to do with the national way of making declarations within the mental health care system. If you are unable to receive treatment from us after an intake interview, this is in principle only the case if certain information remains underexposed in your application and/or your situation has changed to such an extent that Apanta is unable to or insufficiently able to provide the requested help. In these cases, in consultation with you and your referrer, we will jointly look for a care institution that can offer you better care. 

In order to avoid unnecessary expense, please make sure that the information in the registration form is complete and updated if necessary.