E-health is a digital form of treatment via the internet. Studies prove that E-health is effective for many clients and provides both insight into certain problems and possible solutions therefore.

Apanta offers different formats of E-health: both guided and unsupervised. Even during the waiting time, you are free to already begin with this form of online treatment. 

Unsupervised E-health - Online Self-Help Modules

During the waiting period you can already get started with online self-help modules. These are completely free and can be followed whenever you want via the Minddistrict platform and their free app. You can follow these modules on your own: It is not necessary to already be a client or have started on your treatment. The modules are not supervised. When an individual, becomes registered with Apanta, each person is then cordially invited to use the self-help modules. This bridges the waiting time until the actual start of the treatment. In this way you can already get several tools, tips and skills before you start the actual treatment.

Examples of English self-help modules you can find in the Minddistrict catalogue are:

  • Self-help: All About Learning 
  • Self-help: At Home in your House
  • Self-help: Building Self Esteem 
  • Self-help: Finding your Balance 
  • Self-help: Finding your Focus 
  • Self-help; Get your Finances in Order
  • Self-help: Intimacy & Sexuality
  • Self-help: Off to Work
  • Self-help: Sleep Well 
  • Self-help: Understanding Spirituality 
  • Self-help: Work Stress 
  • Start your Personal Route 

If you want to start with Online Self-help Modules, you can register for free at apanta.e-behandeling.nl/en.

Supervised E-health - during the waiting time

If you unexpectedly have to wait a long time for your treatment to start, in some cases you may be able to already start with supervised E-health during the waiting period. This is therefore different from the unsupervised self-help modules described above: you may follow those anyway. Within this supervised form of E-health, developed for during the waiting period, you receive feedback from an Apanta practitioner before you start treatment with us. Please contact us if you are interested in this. 

Guided E-health - in addition to your treatment

In this case the E-health treatment starts after your first meeting (intake) with us. In this way E-health always takes place alongside to the treatment with a practitioner and is seen as a supplement to the individual and/or group treatment. Let your practitioner know if you are interested in this.

Apanta works with Minddistrict

Apanta’s partner in E-health is Minddistrict. This easy-to-use online platform and the training courses are good quality. We attach great importance to your privacy and to that of your child: this platform complies with the strict Dutch regulations for privacy within healthcare environments.

The Benefits of E-health

You can follow E-health whenever and wherever it suits you and re-read the information there whenever you want. You always have access to your E-health file and there is no associated travel time. Most treatment sessions are also available via the free Minddistricht app: you can log in anywhere on your phone or tablet and work on own your wellbeing.